Our Vision

Many people have issues with mental health, whether it's stress, anxiety, or simply tiredness. At SoundMind we want to help people improve their mental health and fitness using music and sound.

We believe that the process of music creation is a rich and rewarding environment with a positive impact on the mind. It's normally only a limited few that are able to practice it, but advances in smartphone technology mean it's possible to build tools that give interactive sonic experiences without years of training.

Sound has several properties making it suitable as a medium for exploring mental health. It is capable of representing complex thoughts and emotions and it is intimately connected to the physical and your body.

SoundMind is a social tech company. We aim to create things that are evidence-based and human-centred.

Cosm: Music for your Mind

Cosm lets you quickly and easily create your own ambient soundscape to relax and refocus.

People are using Cosm to help with reducing stress, anxiety, improving concentration, falling asleep and reflecting on thoughts and emotions

Inspired by organic tones such as gongs and the sounds of the natural world, the sonic palette has been carefully crafted to be atmospheric and calming.

Once you’ve created your soundscape, save it to your journal along with notes for future listening and self reflection.


ChillScape combines cognitive psychology, AI generated music and mesmerising graphics to create an experience that’s calming, fun and immersive.


BreatheSonic uses dynamically generated music and immersive graphics to help you retrain your body to breathe correctly.

About Us

The founders, brothers Jonah Fox and Alex Fox both found music creation as a rich outlet from a young age.

This experience along with their backgrounds as scientists and technologists has enabled them to create tools designed to tackle an important, yet problematic issue: understanding one's own mind.

Their company SoundMind, is dedicated to designing and inventing products that improve the lives of people.